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General Terms and Conditions for use of aviation weather services of Austro Control Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zivilluftfahrt mit beschränkter Haftung ("Austro Control")

1. Service Access

1.1 Customer is bound to provide all data required for registration (in particular its pilot license number) truthfully, completely and up-to-date. Customer shall enter correct, complete and unambiguous data and notify Austro Control of any changes of its data without undue delay. Incomplete, incorrect or incorrectly received data will not be processed resp. deleted. Austro Control may at its sole discretion request evidence on Customer‘s person related data.

1.2 Customer shall keep its access data confidential and in the event of breach of confidentiality compensate Austro Control for any damage resulting out of abuse of its access data by unauthorized persons.

1.3 Customer shall report any suspicion of abuse of its access data to Austro Control immediately. Furthermore, it shall refrain from abuse and stop abuse by others.

1.4 In the event of non-compliance with the GTC, Austro Control reserves the right to restrict, revoke, suspend or block the access.

2. Scope

2.1 Customer may request a MET briefing for FIR Vienna in accordance with AIP Austria GEN 3.5 and alter certain settings in order to adapt the briefing to its specifications.

2.2 A MET briefing for flights within FIR Vienna is complete, subject to the availability of all necessary reports, warnings and weather maps.

2.3 It is recommended to commence a flight only, if the MET briefing is not older than one hour at takeoff. If there is insufficient data for intended flight or if there are any uncertainties, please contact our telephone hotlines.

2.4 Use of this service is at the risk of the customer / user. The use of this service does not replace careful evaluation of information by the pilot or comparison with the weather conditions actually found in during preflight action or in flight (re-)evaluation of data.

2.5 Austro Control strives to provide the service on a 24/7 basis. As availability of service depends on third parties, in particular availability of internet or connection chosen by customer, availability values are not part of the contract. Downtimes for planned maintenance are announced on the homepage.

2.6 This website contains a voluntary additional information service provided by Austro Control, which is only intended to pilots and is currently free of charge. Austro Control expressly reserves the right to introduce fees, to change or to discontinue this service.

2.7 This service is intended to provide existing information. The information is provided on an "as is" basis. Verification is done in respect of Annex 15 conformity, only. Weather products other than those provided by ACG in its official capacity are not subject of this service.

2.8 The information on this website is compiled and updated with due care. Nevertheless, forecasts may deviate from weather reports.

2.9 The service is provided electronically by the aviation weather service of Austro Control solely under or With regard to other means of data transmission AIP Austria is authoritative, only. The hardware and software requirements for service use are to be fulfilled by customer.

2.10 Deviation in data display are to be attributed to use of different browsers or different software settings.

3. Links

This website may contain links to websites of other providers. These references to other websites are information only. Austro Control assumes no liability for the content of websites accessed. When establishing the links Austro Control has reviewed the contents of the pages linked with due care. No assurance can be given as concerns topicality, completeness and correctness of the information contained. The links are dynamic. Contents of the linked pages may therefore have been changed. A continuous review is not possi-ble and not intended. Austro Control expressly waives any liability for the contents contained. Damage and liability out of the use or non-use of other websites are to be adjudicated to its providers solely and exclusively.

4. Use of Data

4.1 Customer expressly consents to the use of its data within the scope of Austro Control´s data protection declaration (German only). This consent comprises including without limitation:

4.1.1 The sending of e-mails to inform about briefing-related data and other topics relevant to the contractual relationship;

4.1.2 Evaluation of quality as per regulation (EU) 2011/1035, annex I, para 8.1, i.e. a formalized consultation process with our users;

4.1.3 Transfer of the data to external data processors to achieve the above purposes;

4.2 Austro Control will treat all person related data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. By using the service, user agrees unconditionally to the data applications described above.

4.3 Austro Control is entitled to delete an aviation weather account and all related personal data, if the account has not been in use for a period of at least two years. For further use new registration is required.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

By enabling the user account, customer is granted access to data, databases, documents and other information ("data") that may be subject to IPRs. Customer shall not interfere with these rights. Customer shall use data made accessible to it solely for non-commercial, personal purposes, i.e. for preflight action and inflight planning of its flights or flights of persons represented by it. Use beyond this - in particular storage of data, creation of databases or other products as well as proliferation to third parties or public accessible representation of data - is expressly prohibited. Customer shall take all reasonable measures to prevent illegal use of data by third parties in its sphere of influence and shall be liable therefore. Data, documentation and query system are intellectual property of Austro Control. Austro Control reserves all rights.

6. Miscellaeneous

6.1 Changes, alterations and amendments to these GTC will be communicated to customer in writing, by e-mail or online at access. Notified changes, additions and / or changes to these terms and conditions are part of the contract, if and when customer uses the service thereafter.

6.2 No parole agreements exist, or if any, they shall be deemed null and void upon conclusion of this agreement. Changes, alterations and amendments, including without limitation the agreement to deviate from the written form are to be done in written form only.

6.3 The contract concluded shall be construed in accordance with Austrian substantive law, save the rules on conflict of laws and the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods.

6.4 Disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be finally settled by the Commercial Court in Vienna. In addition, Austro Control is entitled to bring an action before the court having jurisdiction over the customer.

6.5 The current version of these terms and conditions can be downloaded from the Internet at

6.6 The English version of this text is reader’s convenience only. Legally binding shall be the German version only.

I have read the Terms and Conditions carefully and agree with their content.