Pre-Flight Preparation

In any case, the following items belong to a safe pre-flight preparation:

Obtaining weather information via
  • the expected enroute weather
  • active SIGMET and AIRMET

Detailed route planning in relation to...
  • Restricted Areas (LOR), Danger Areas (LOD)
  • Airspaces that require Clearance (CTR, MTMA, MCTR, Airspace Classes D, C,...)
  • Entry/exit points of Control Zones (CTR)
  • Border crossings (place/altitude/estimated time when crossing the state border)

Check of active NOTAM prior to the flight

Mandatory submission of a flight plan according to AIP (ENR 1.10 Flight Planning) and LVR §28 for flights which
  • are executed partially or entirely in controlled airspaces
  • want to land on a controlled aerodrome
  • want to cross the state border
VFR Pilotfolder Austria
We have summarized the most important information for a safe flight execution in a folder (as of March 2018).