Online reporting

Report according to REGULATION (EU) No 376/2014

Please note that in the event of technical defects, you might have further reporting obligations (e.g. to the operator, the type certificate holder or the CAMO) in addition to this notification, which are NOT automatically completed and covered by this notification.

You can export your recorded data into a PDF form in the online reporting at any time or you will receive a copy of your notification after entering your e-mail address before submitting it. You can subsequently edit this PDF form and upload it again as an update/closing report. If you are unable to complete the report, you can save the data locally in a pdf file, which you can then upload again and continue to work with the recorded data.

This activity is NOT recorded by Austro Control. The message will only be sent by pressing "Send".

The forms are tested and approved for being processed with Adobe Reader ® since version 11 only. Processing with other software may induce loss of data and/or functionality.