Model aircraft (airworthy flying models)

List of model airfields

According to § 24e para 2 of the Federal Aviation Law (Luftfahrtgesetz, LFG) model airfields shall be reported to Austro Control GmbH by the beneficial owner, indicating the position, the operating modes and operating times, that Austro Control GmbH has to „publish in a manner, common in aviation". This is done by publishing a list of model airfields on the homepage of the Austro Control GmbH (ACG).

Note: The list is prepared and kept current by the Austrian Aero Club (ÖAeC) and published by the ACG. The ACG is not liable for the accuracy and completeness of the list.

For the current status of the list see the attachment (PDF) below.



Flying models: See § 24c Federal Aviation Act

Flying toys:
The operation of small flight models up to 79 joules kinetic energy (about 250 grams): e.g. mini toy helicopter, mini planes of foam (with camera) is allowed up to a maximum height of 30 m. Any danger to persons or property has to be excluded. Since there "flying toys" are excluded from the scope of the Aviation Act, they may be also operated outside of model airfields.
See § 24d Federal Aviation Act



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