Austrian aircraft register

  • Management of the Austrian Aircraft Register for Civil Aircraft (aeroplanes, rotorcraft and powered sailplanes) 
  • Assignment of registration marks, registration, change of registration and deregistration of aircraft
  • Exceptions regarding registration marks pursuant to § 21 ZLLV

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Nina Schraml
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Title / SubjectNo.Versionvalid from
Reservation of registration2.02021-02-0404.02.2021
Application for registration2.02021-02-0404.02.2021
Attachment to application: Transfer of ownership3.02021-02-1515.02.2021
Attachment to application: Transfer of operatorship3.02021-02-1515.02.2021
Application for change of registration2.02021-02-0404.02.2021
Application for deregistration2.02021-02-0404.02.2021