NOTAM Form Austria

The NOTAM Form Austria is an updated version of the Austrian RAC-FORM 2 for the origination of NOTAM. The NOTAM Form Austria provides an easy, structured mask for the entry of information required for a NOTAM proposal.

This form is based on ICAO Annex 15 and is provided in format .pdf. It can be printed or filled in electronically.

To originate a NOTAM, please transmit the completed and signed NOTAM Form Austria to the NOTAM Office Austria via e-mail:

Please keep in mind that the origination of data regarding aviation obstacles is subject to additional regulations. Therefore, Austro Control GmbH is providing a separate Obstacle NOTAM Form ("NOTAM Antrag für ein temporäres Luftfahrthindernis"), that can be downloaded via the menu link "Datenauflieferung gemäß ADQ".


NOTAM Office Austria:

TEL: +43 (0)5 1703 2051
FAX: +43 (0)5 1703 3256