Airworthiness & Certification

The role of the ACG's ACE department is to ensure that national and EASA civil aviation standards are set and achieved in a co-operative and cost-effective manner. ACE must satisfy itself that aircraft are properly designed, manufactured, operated and maintained; that airlines are competent; and general aviation activities meet required safety standards. 

To monitor the activities of this complex and diverse industry, ACE employs a team of specialists. They have an exceptionally wide range of skills for all sorts of aircraft types, from the historic Pischof Autoplan up to current state of the art jets, including pilots qualified to fly in command; test pilots able to evaluate all aircraft types up to small jets; experts in avionics, structure, performance, cabin safety, powerplant, hydromechanical systems, software; component approvals; airworthiness surveyors; surveyors conversant with the latest design and manufacturing techniques; specialists for the approval of maintenance programmes and minimum equipment lists.


Specific responsibilities include:

  • Aircraft and Equipment Type Certification 
  • Changes and STC's
  • Repair Approval 
  • Alternative Procedure Approval
  • ETSO Approval
  • Noise Certification
  • Airworthiness Monitoring and Certification
  • Export Certification
  • Fleet Airworthiness Survey Program
  • Approval of Maintenance Programs
  • Occurrence Management
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Approval of MEL’s
  • Permit to Fly
  • ETOPS/LROPS Supervision


Inquiries and submissions (applications, supporting documentation, discrepancy processing):

National aircraft (Annex I)

Airworthiness Review (EASA aircrafts):

Fleet Survey/ACAM (Aircraft Continued Airworthiness Monitoring):

General inquiries and submissions:


Ing. Wilhelm Jagritsch, MBA
Fax: +43 51703 1666
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