Release of small balloons

The amended section 128 of the Luftfahrtgesetz [Austrian Aviation Act], which governs the launching of tethered balloons, kites and small balloons, as well as the setting off of fireworks, entered into force on 1 October 2013.

In the interests of aviation safety, the release of more than 30 small balloons within a radius of 15 km of an airport or airfield, and - outside that radius - of more than 100 small balloons in the meaning of section 28(4) Aviation Act requires the prior authorisation of the respective provincial governor.

The release of balloons is prohibited in and below airport and airfield safety zones.

Important notes:
  • No metallic objects may be attached to balloons
  • Radar-reflecting writing on balloons is also prohibited
  • Balloons may not be bunched together
  • Balloons may not be filled with flammable gas
  • No hard objects, such as metal, wood, plastic, sparklers, glow sticks or light sticks, LEDs (including LED lights), etc., may be attached to or contained in the balloons


Responsible provincial authorities: 

 (Lower Austria)
Oberösterreich (Upper Austria)
Tirol (Tyrol)
Kärnten (Carinthia)