Safety zones


What is a safety zone?

Safety zones serve to keep a certain, defined area around an aerodrome free of obstacles and thus to maintain the safety of aviation. Safety zones are defined by ordinance.


In Austria, safety zones have been defined for the five civil airports Vienna-Schwechat, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt, as well as for the military airports Linz-Hörsching, Aigen im Ennstal, Tulln-Langenlebarn, Zeltweg and Wr. Neustadt/West.
All safety zone plans of the civil airports including the ordinance are also available in the Austrian Aeronautical News Bulletin under Chapter 4: Ground Organisation for All on the Austro Control website. Since the military airport Linz is an airport with civilian joint use, its security zone can also be retrieved.
All other military safety zone ordinances, including the associated plans, were published when they were issued and are available for inspection at the respective municipalities located in the area of one of these safety zones. 

What is an aviation obstruction?

Aeronautical obstructions are structures such as buildings, antennas, chimneys, stationary construction cranes, mobile cranes and other construction equipment which, due to their location and extension, constitute an obstruction to air traffic (§ 85 of the German Aviation Act) or can lead to interference with air traffic control systems (§ 94 of the German Aviation Act).
A distinction is made between obstacles to air traffic inside and outside safety zones.
Austro Control GmbH is not responsible for the permission of aeronautical obstructions.
Competent authorities in matters of aeronautical obstructions are:
  1. within safety zones of civil aerodromes: BMK
  2. within safety zones of military aerodromes: BMLV
  3. outside safety zones: Provincial governors

Structures, fixed and mobile installations in the vicinity of security zones

Examination of the project

If an object and/or installation is to be erected in the vicinity of a safety zone, this project shall be examined by the competent authority with regard to the following parameters:
  1. Location of the object (assessment as an obstacle according to §§ 85, 86 and 92 LFG).

    Is the object or installation to be erected within or below the safety zone?
    How high is the object/installation?
    Does it project through the safety zone?
    Is an exemption permit by BMK, BMLV or LH required?
  2. Electrical or optical interference caused by the object or installation (§ 94 LFG)

    Is an exceptional approval by the competent authority required?
  1. within safety zones of civil aerodromes: BMK
  2. within safety zones of military aerodromes: BMLV
  3. below and outside safety zones: Austro Control GmbH