"Wien Information"

When airborne: the frequencies 124,4 MHz, 134,625 MHz and 118,525 MHz comprise „Wien Information“.

Duties of “Wien Information”

“Wien Information” consists of two separate units: First, the Flight Information Centre (FIC), working on frequency 124.4 MHz and 134,625 MHz, second, the Terminal Flight Information (TFI), working on frequency 118.525 MHz. Additionally, both units are monitoring the international emergency frequency 121.5 MHz.

The services of FIC/TFI are offered free of charge and include the execution of flight information service and alerting service for aircraft within the flight information region Wien (FIR Wien, which equals the Austrian territory). FIC/TFI is mainly taking care of flights following visual flight rules (VFR). Depending on the request, the pilot receives information and assistance, useful for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight.


Flight Information Center (FIC):

  • 124,4 MHz
  • 134,625MHz

Terminal Flight Information (TFI):

  • 118,525 MHz

Intl. Emergency frequency:

  • 121,5 MHz