Production Organisation Approvals

Austro Control GmbH is responsible for initial certification and surveillance of production organisations  acc. Regulation (EU) No. 748/2012 Part 21 Subpart F und G.


Applications can be sent to Austro Control GmbH.




Ing. Wilhelm Jagritsch, MBA
Fax: +43 51703 1666
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Title / SubjectNo.Versionvalid from
ACG - EASA Form 44.02022-04-1515.04.2022
EASA Form 50 - Part-21 Subpart G (POA) Approval2.02022-05-1717.05.2022
EASA Form 51 - Part-21 Subpart G (POA) Change2.02023-05-3030.05.2023

POA Checklist

Title / SubjectNo.Versionvalid from
POA Compliance Checklist2.02021-09-1313.09.2021


List of EASA Part-21 G Approved Production Organisations (POA) in Austria: