Flow Exemptions Austria

Effective Date: 04.JAN.2018!

The procedure for approval of the STS/ATFMX Indicator in field 18 of the ATC flight plan for flights departing from Austria has been revised:

The STS/ATFMX indicator may only be used if that particular flight has received specific approval from AIS/ARO Wien. It is subject to strict application of the rules of usage.

Individual flights shall use the „ATFMX Approval Request Form“ in the download area to transmit all necessary information to their request to AIS/ARO Wien for approval. The ATFMX Approval Request Form can be filled in electronically and sent to AIS/ARO Wien directly via E-Mail.

Companies and operators regularly conducting flights requiring exemption approval may request general approval for use of the STS/ATFMX indicator. For this request, use the “Request for General ATFMX Approval” form in the download area.
Details are laid down in the aeronautical information publication (AIP) Austria, ENR 1.9 and in AIC 016/2017.


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