There is no inherent conflict between aviation and high environmental standards. On the contrary, despite all its efforts to improve efficiency, the civil aviation industry has a duty to minimise its negative environmental impacts. In the words of Austro Control’s corporate mission statement, “We are aware of our responsibility to the environment, and are making an important contribution to reducing environmental loading by air traffic.”

Austro Control each year consistently implements the measures for the reduction of aircraft noise agreed under the mediation procedure for Vienna airport. Implementation of the measures directly influenceable by Austro Control remains consistently high. This applies in particular to the night flying rules for take-offs and landings, compliance with take-off corridors and prompt transitioning to the ILS beam.

Austro Control is maintaining its policy of constructive engagement with residents through the Vienna Airport Dialogue Forum. As part of the Aviation Group, it plays a particularly active role in developing and evaluating innovative noise abatement proposals, from the development of the latest satellite-supported arrival and departure procedures to overall optimisation of the existing system.



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