Operational Notices

Overview of the Operational Notices issued by Austro Control GmbH



Title / SubjectOperational Notice NumberDate
Cancellation of BTH A-0012012-03-2020.03.2012
Conversion of air operator certificates (AOCs) to CAT operators of helicopters in accordance with Art. 7 (2) of Reg (EU) No 965/20122014-01-1616.01.2014
Notice to Commission Regulation (EU) No 83/20142015-05-1818.05.2015
Partial application of Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 regarding specialised operations (SPO)2015-06-2929.06.2015
Airworthiness and operational requirements for class 1 unmanned aircraft2021-10-1515.10.2021
Certification specification for category C unmanned aircraft2018-11-0101.11.2018
Certification specification for category D unmanned aircraft2018-11-0101.11.2018
Failure mode and effect analysis2015-08-0101.08.2015
Permissible noise levels order of class 12018-11-0101.11.2018
Demonstration programme for pilots of unmanned aircraft (class 1) in category C and D2018-11-0101.11.2018
Cancellation of BTH A-0032016-08-2424.08.2016
Helicopter operations without an assured safe forced landing capability with piston-powered engines during take-off and landing phase2017-03-1515.03.2017
Determination of high risk commercial specialised operations2017-10-2424.10.2017
Introductory Flights 2019-06-0303.06.2019
Operational Notice on the use of extinguishing agents instead of halon substitutes during practical fire fighting training2019-08-0707.08.2019
Exemption regarding recent experience2020-07-1616.07.2020
Issue and keeping of records regarding cabin crew attestations2021-10-1414.10.2021
Sample Template Cabin Crew Attestations acc. BTH No. A-0132022-03-2929.03.2022
Scenarios for operation of unmanned aircraft2021-10-1414.10.2021
Cancellation of BTH A-0152022-04-1111.04.2022
Cancellation of BTH A-0162022-10-2727.10.2022