Corporate Vision

  • We are playing our part in shaping European air traffic management of the future.
  • We are meeting the expectations of our shareholder, the Republic of Austria, by establishing and meeting aviation policy objectives, and enhancing the value of our Company.
  • Our attitudes and operations are customer centred, and we offer our services at fair and transparent prices.
  • We fulfil the official responsibilities conferred upon us in the areas of technical, operational and personnel testing and certification, and civil aviation regulation, in the interests of public safety.
  • We are aware of our responsibility to the environment, and are making an important contribution to reducing environmental loading by air traffic.
  • The quality of our services ensures a safe and reliable air traffic.
  • We are competent, goal driven and ready to accept responsibility, and our performance is reflected in working conditions and payment systems that meet the highest modern standards.
  • We are an employee oriented company, and therefore place special emphasis on individual development  and opportunities for advancement.