FAQ - Aeromedical Section

FAQ for pilots / cabin crew / air traffic controllers / AMEs / AeMCs

A student pilot does not require a medical certificate until his or her first solo flight, i.e., a student pilot's medical certificate is not required by EU law for flight lessons with an instructor. 
However, it is recommended that a student pilot is already in possession of a medical certificate at the beginning of his/hers training, because a student pilot invests a lot of time and financial resources in his/her training and as a result of the denial about the issuance of a medical certificate could not continue the training.

An aeromedical certificate may be renewed within 45 days before the expiration date.
Once the new aeromedical examination is conducted after the expiration of the last medical certificate, it is a renewal examination.
If the medical certificate has been expired for more than five years, the scope of an initial examination shall be performed, but the evaluation of fitness shall be based on the criteria/requirements of a renewal examination.

It is noted that there are only marginal differences in the initial examination or the first issuance of the medical certificate for the medical categories LAPL and Class 2.
A differentiation is made regarding the obligatory anamnestic-diagnostic examinations to be carried out in the case of an extension or renewal examination. In the case of the LAPL-Medical certificate, the requirements are less stringent and the AME has greater discretion as to whether he or she actually performs examinations or considers the existing medical history to be sufficient for an aero-medical fitness assessment. However, this restriction ceases to apply when the LAPL applicant reaches the age of 60, so that from this age onwards the medical requirements between the two medical fitness categories are again aligned.

Yes, a Class 2 medical certificate is required to exercise the privileges of a PPL. Class 2 and LAPL are integrated into a Class 1 medical certificate. The validity of the individual classes is indicated separately on the medical certificate

If you intend to apply for a license issued in Austria and you are already in possession of a medical certificate issued by another competent authority (see point 1 on your aeromedical certificate), the aeromedical file has to be transferred to Austria in advance.
Likewise, a transfer of the aeromedical file is required if you are already in possession of a European (PART-FCL) license and wish to transfer the responsibility of the license to Austria.
For further information, please refer to the form "Explanatory notes on the application for a change of the state of responsibility of the license and the medical reports".

If you have been assessed as unfit by an AME or AeMC, you have the right to apply for a Secondary Review by your licensing authority.
Please note that an application for Secondary Review has to be submitted to Austro Control GmbH within four weeks after receipt of the notification of the denial of a medical certificate and that this application is associated to costs (according to ACGV and GebG).
The application form and the corresponding information sheet can be found under Austro Control GmbH - Forms. 

You are requested to submit documents (for applications and aero-medical examinations) in German or English.

FAQ - for AMEs / AeMCs

Applicants for an Aeromedical Examiner certificate must be entitled to practice the medical profession in accordance with the provisions of the Medical Act 1998, i.e.

·         Proof of registration in the list of physicians of the Austrian Medical Association - as a general practitioner, internist and/or anesthesiologist/intensive care specialist.

·         Registration of a medical practice at the location of the planned aeromedical practice (confirmation of the registration of the medical practice by the locally responsible medical association “Ärztekammer”)

·         Appropriate medical-technical equipment for the performance of aeromedical examinations (see supplementary sheet to the application "Information on the medical practice")

·         Completion of a theoretical and practical basic training in aviation medicine of at least 60 hours (Basic Training in Aviation Medicine - for Class 2, LAPL and CC).
The course in aviation medicine must be approved by a competent authority of an EASA member state in order to be able to credit it as appropriate training for the certification as AME.
Please make sure that the mentioned prerequisites are fulfilled, and the required documents are submitted completely when applying.

You are requested to submit documents (for applications and aero-medical examinations) in German or English.