National Maintenance Licenses according Zivilluftfahrt-Personalverordnung (ZLPV)

Zivilluftfahrt-Personalverordnung defines the requirements for the issuance, amendment and renewal of national maintenance licenses (Luftfahrzeugwartschein).

Applications for issuance, amendment and renewal have to be sent directly to Austro Control GmbH.



Title / SubjectNo.Versionvalid from
Information 1 - Renewal Luftfahrzeugwartschein1.02007-11-1212.11.2007
Information 2 - Renewal Luftfahrzeugwartschein I. Klasse1.02007-11-1212.11.2007
Information 3 - Interims regulation for Aircrafts <= 5700 kg MTOM1.02007-11-1212.11.2007
Information 4 - Conversion regulation from Luftfahrzeugwartschein to Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence 1.02008-02-2525.02.2008
Taxiing for maintenance staff2.02019-12-1212.12.2019
Table of fees13.02020-04-2727.04.2020




Title / SubjectNo.Versionvalid from
Application for initial1.02021-01-1515.01.2021
Application for renewal Luftfahrzeugwartschein/Luftfahrzeugwartschein I. Klasse1.02021-01-1515.01.2021
Application for amendment1.02021-01-1515.01.2021
Application for renewal of an inactive rating1.02021-01-1515.01.2021
Application for duplicate1.02021-01-1515.01.2021