Aerodrome Obstacles

All aerodrome obstacle data provided on this webpage are subject to the AIRAC system. This means that data may be amended in a cycle of 28 days which will lead to updates on this webpage. Ad hoc information that is crucial to air traffic operations will be issued as NOTAM.
The aerodrome obstacle data are no obstacle data sets (ICAO) in accordance with ICAO Annex 15, Chapter 5.3.3 as they do not yet fully meet the quality requirements as specified in ICAO Doc 10066.


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KML file: Aerodrome Obstacles

Digital information on Austrian Aerodrome Obstacles is provided via a KML file. To view the KML file correctly, Google Earth must be installed.



The use of the KML files provided here is an additional service by Austro Control and does not relieve pilots from their obligation of pre-flight planning. In particular, use of the KML files does not relieve the pilot from the responsibility to observe the current edition of the AIP Austria, AIP Supplements, NOTAM and AICs. It shall be used for informational purposes only in addition to the official aeronautical publications.
The KML files provided here were created carefully and to the best of our knowledge. However, Austro Control
assumes no liability for the previous, actual or future correctness, completeness, functionality or usability of the KML files. The use of the KML files takes place at the user’s own risk. There exists no obligation for Austro Control to continuously update or maintain the data contained in the KML files.
Commercial use of the KML files provided here and/or data contained therein is only allowed with authorization from Austro Control.

KML Aerodrome Obstacles

Title / SubjectEffective fromVersion
KML Aerodrome Obstacle file Salzburg (LOWS)
KML Aerodrome Obstacle file Wien (LOWW)
KML Aerodrome Obstacle file Graz (LOWG)