Pilot Licences

In this topic you will find detailed information about:
  • Licences and instrument rating (PPL; CPL; ATPL; IR)
  • Class-/typeratings
  • Instructor ratings

Further information regarding pilot licenses you will find in the pilots portal.

Telephone Numbers Pilot Licencing

Depending on your last name, the following numbers are available during our service hours:
Monday - Thursday: 09:30 - 14:00 hrs
Friday: 09:30 - 12:30 hrs
excluding public holidays and december 24th and 31st

Familiennname A, L, Vo-Vz, W, X, Y (Dominik FROST)
Familiennname B, E, I, T, Q, Vf-Vn (Thomas KLENGL)
Familiennname C, F, K (Iris GRASMUK)
Familiennname D, H, O, Va-Ve (Martina ZANT)
Familiennname G, J, M (Nora STEINER)
Familiennname P, R, U, Z (Bernd JASCHKE)
Familiennname S, N (Patricia LEEB)


Fax: +43 51703 1536
Fax: +43 51703 1536
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