Non-commercial Operations

On 25th of August 2016 the opt-out phase of Regulation (EU) No 800/2013 amending Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 ended.

Annex VI - Non-commercial air operations with complex motor-powered aircraft (Part-NCC)

Annex VII - Non-commercial air operations with other-than complex motor-powered aircraft (Part-NCO)

With effect from 25th of August 2016 NCC-operators are required - inter alia - to establish a management system and an operations manual. The implementation of these requirements is confirmed with a declaration and will be checked by ACG during inspections as part of its oversight responsibilities. Additionally, a minimum equipment list (MEL) has also to be approved by ACG.
In contrary, a declaration is not needed for NCO-operations.

Any specific approval according to Part-SPA (e.g. RVSM or MNPS) has to be applied for NCO- and NCC-operations. Please submit relevant requests to

The applicable legal provisions and all relevant information can be found on EASA website:

Part-NCO - VII - Non-Commercial Operations with Other-Than-Complex Motor-Powered Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Balloons, Sailplanes

Special emphasis must be placed on Part-NCO of Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, which - for the first time - contains operational regulations for general aviation as well as aerial work in this area (so-called Specialised Operations - SPO.

NCC - Non-Commercial Operations with Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft

Part-NCC of Commission Regulation (EU) No 800/2013 contains the technical requirements for non-commercial operations of complex aeroplanes and helicopters. It consists of four sub-parts, of which the sub-part regarding instruments, data and equipment is once again divided into segments with specific rules per aircraft category.

Before commencing NCC operations the operator shall submit a declaration as specified in ORO.DEC.100 to the competent authority of the state, where to operator has its principal place of business or place of residence. By declaration the operator confirms to allocate adequate resources to fulfil all responsibilities related to operation in correspondence with the applicable regulations.
For NCC operators having their principal place of business in Austria, Austro Control GmbH provides a declaration form for download.
This form shall be completed by the Operator and submitted to Austro Control GmbH; the operator is then subject to continuous oversight by the competent authority as described in ARO.GEN.305.

Within 10 days of receipt of the declaration Austro Control GmbH will issue a confirmation of receipt to the operator. A copy of the declaration shall be carried on board.

Download Erklärung NCC/SPO

Definition of a “complex motor-powered aircraft” in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 216/2008

  • Aeroplane
    • with a maximum certificated take-off mass exceeding 5 700 kg;
    • certificated for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than 19;
    • certificated for operation with a minimum crew of at least two pilots;
    • equipped with one or several turbojet engines or more than one turboprop engine, or
  • a helicopter certificated
    • for a maximum take-off mass exceeding 3 175 kg;
    • for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than 9;
    • for operation with a minimum crew of at least two pilots, or
  • a tilt rotor aircraft

Minimum Equipment List: Regarding NCC operations, an approved MEL is required before submitting a declaration, hence prior to commencing operations (ref. to ORO.MLR.105; ARO.GEN.345 lit. b).