Ramp Inspection Programme (SAFA/SACA)

Oversight of aircraft operated under the regulatory oversight of another state 

Aircraft used by third country operators or used by operators under the regulatory oversight of another member state are subject of unannounced ramp inspections when landing in Austria. These ramp inspections are conducted by inspectors of Austro Control GmbH to check the technical and operational compliance.
The inspections are standardized in all SAFA participating States. The aim is to ensure compliance with ICAO and/or European standards and is regulated by Article 4 of Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012 and by Part Ramp of its Annex II (Part ARO).
Austro Control was appointed as competent Authority for conducting ramp inspections by the national law „Sicherheitsmaßnahmen bei ausländischen Luftfahrzeugen und Luftfahrtunternehmen, BGBl. I Nr. 55/2010“, relevant version.
The aim of the ramp inspection programme is a harmonised check to ensure compliance of international standards of aircraft of operators under the regulatory oversight of another state. This is another step to establish a uniform high level of aviation safety in Europe.
As part of the ramp inspections, Austro Control GmbH uses specially trained inspectors who carry out the inspections in accordance with the standardized inspection instructions published by EASA at all domestic airports.
If a ramp inspection results in identification of a safety risk, all necessary corrective measures must be taken before departure, otherwise a flight ban will ultimately be imposed.
The results of the inspection are recorded in the statutory reports and recorded in the centralized EASA Ramp Inspection Tool to inform the competent authorities of the member states or third countries of the air carrier or aircraft inspected and of the aircraft operator.
The data collected during the ramp inspections serve to exchange information at the European level. Multiple, significant or conspicuous safety deficiencies lead in the final analysis to inclusion in the "Safety List" of the European Union.
Further activities of Austro Control within the framework of the European ramp inspection program:
  • Advising foreign aviation authorities
  • Cooperation with national and foreign authorities and participation in international programs
  • Supervision of the resolution of complaints of Austrian-registered aircraft, identified by foreign aviation authorities under the Ramp Inspection Program

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If you would like to provide Austro Control GmbH with relevant information concerning foreign aircraft we request you to submit it to the contact below or use the standard report above.
Austro Control SAFA Team
Austro Control GmbH
Wagramer Straße 19
1220 Wien
Fax: +43(0)51703 1666

Some examples of relevant safety information include
  • from accidents and incidents,
  • due to business interruptions, defects, malfunctions or other irregular conditions,
  • from pilot reports,
  • from reports from maintenance companies,
  • of reports of special occurrences before, during and after the flight,
  • Information recovered from complaints.
The identity of the reporting persons is anonymized by Austro Control GmbH prior to the disclosure of any safety-relevant information.


Fax: +43 51703 1666
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