EU Twinning

In the course of the European Union efforts to establish a European Common Aviation Area ( ECAA) including north and south eastern European countries and the EU member states, all future partner states should standardize their legislation by adopting EU aviation rules in areas such as aviation safety, air traffic management, safety management, environmental standards, public safety, air traffic management, economic regulation, question of competition, and social aspects. In order to achieve common standards, “Twinning projects” have been initiated, under which EU member states support the future partner countries in their development of common structures, and the applicable legal and administrative changes.

Closed projects

  • Georgia: "Harmonisation with EU norms of the legislation and standards of Georgia in the field of Civil Aviation"
  • Croatia: "Reinforcement of the administrative and technical capacity with a view to ensuring efficient performance of the activities of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) and enhancement of the administrative and technical capacity of the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Agency (AAIA)"
  • Georgia: "Legal approximation of the Georgian Civil Aviation regulations with EU standards"


For more information, please contact:

Wilhelm Jagritsch
Project Leader Twinning
Phone: +43 (0) 51703 1630