Occurrence Reporting System

Reporting of occurrences in civil aviation shall improve aviation safety and is therefore an important resource for the detection of potential safety hazards. Each report is essential!!

REGULATION (EU) No 376/2014 establishes common rules in the field of occurrence reporting in civil aviation.

According to § 136 (2) of the Austrian Aviation Act, this regulation also applies to occurrences and other safety relevant information related to aircraft according to Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 registered in Austria or operated by persons holding an Austrian civil pilot license or operated in Austrian airspace.

  • Occurrences related to the operation of the aircraft.
  • Occurrences related to technical conditions, maintenance and repair of aircraft.
  • Occurrences related to air navigation services and facilities.
  • Occurrences related to aerodromes and ground services.

Occurrence“: means any safety-related event which endangers or which, if not corrected or addressed, could endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person and includes in particular an accident or serious incident according Regulation (EU) No 996/2010.

A detailed list of reportable occurrences is laid down in COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 2015/1018.

The mandatory reporting system covers the following groups of persons: 

The following natural persons shall report the occurrences referred through the system established by the organisation which employs, contracts or uses the services of the reporter or, failing that, through the system by the State which issued the pilot's licence.

  • the pilot in command of an aircraft registered in a Member State or an operator established in the Union;
  • a person engaged in designing, manufacturing, continuous airworthiness monitoring, maintaining or modifying an aircraft, or any equipment or part thereof;
  • a person who signs an airworthiness review certificate, or a release to service in respect of an aircraft or any equipment or part thereof;
  • a person who performs a function as a staff member of an air traffic service provider related to air navigation services or as a flight information service officer;
  • a person who performs a function connected with the safety management of an airport;
  • a person who performs a function connected with the installation, modification, maintenance, repair, overhaul, flight-checking or inspection of air navigation facilities;
  • a person who performs a function connected with the ground handling of aircraft, including fuelling, loadsheet preparation, loading, de-icing and towing at an airport.


The persons listed shall report occurrences within 72 hours of becoming aware of the occurrence, unless exceptional circumstances prevent this.

All persons are encouraged to voluntarily report any information on observed deficiencies in aviation, such as.
  • details of occurrences that may not be captured by the mandatory reporting system;
  • other safety-related information which is perceived by the reporter as an actual or potential hazard to aviation safety.

Reports related to Dangerous Goods can be filed in the DG reporting system.

According to Articles 15 and 16 of Regulation (EU) No 376/2014, organisations and authorities are obliged to careful treatment of information stemming from occurrence reports:
  • information derived from occurrence reports is used only for the purpose of maintenance or improvement of aviation safety. Therefore, this information cannot be used for disciplinary or administrative proceedings against the reporter or any person mentioned in an occurrence report (except for a break of “Just Culture” rules).
  • Personal Details of the reporter and persons mentioned in an occurrence report are stored neither in the National Database nor in the European Central Repository.
The entry of names and contact information at the top of the reporting form is voluntary. The information is only used for call back for clarification.

More information is provided in our Data Protection Declaration.


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Online Reporting Tool

Filing an On-Line Report

You may file your report into the Online reporting tool. There are no mandatory fields defined, but you should fill all fields, which are essential to understand the event occurred. All personal data is treated confidential and is mainly used to ask for additional information.

When sending the message at the end of the online-dialoge you have fulfilled your mandatory reporting obligations including those required by Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 for accidents and serious incidents as those are directly transmitted to the Austrian AIB by the system.
If you are not able to fill the dialogue in on run, you may download the data into a .PDF-File, which can be uploaded again at later time to continue the report.

Online reporting tool