Self-assessment for organisations

Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation is applicable since 15. November 2015 and replaces the previous national civil aviation reporting regulation.

This establishes new obligations for organisations which are included in the frame of Austro Control GmbH oversight activity. Each organisation established in a Member State shall establish a mandatory and voluntary reporting system to facilitate the collection of details of occurrences.
Excluded are organisations which do not, on a professional basis, employ, contract or use the services of someone. Examples are organisations with the aim of promoting aerial sport and leisure aviation, such as flying clubs.
To raise understanding and awareness, Austro Control GmbH has created a self-assessment checklist. This list as well as the related legal documents are provided to assist organisations in compliance finding and preparation for upcoming oversight by Austro Control GmbH.


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