National Operational Directives

Overview of the National Operational Directives issued by Austro Control GmbH



Title / SubjectNational Operational Directives NumberDate
Safety Information Bulletin2021-12-2222.12.2021
EASA SIB No.: 2014-21R12016-02-1919.02.2016
EASA SIB No.: 2014-22R1 - WITHDRAWN2014-07-2424.07.2014
EASA SIB No.: 2014-23R1 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-022015-03-2525.03.2015
EASA SIB No.: 2014-24R2 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-042015-12-2323.12.2015
Cancellation of BTA No. A-0012014-09-1515.09.2014
EASA SIB No.: 2014-25R1 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-032016-04-0707.04.2016
EASA SIB No.: 2014-26R1 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-082015-10-1616.10.2015
EASA SIB No.: 2014-27 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-012014-10-1313.10.2014
EASA SIB No.: 2014-30R2 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-092015-12-0707.12.2015
EASA SIB No.: 2014-35 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2018-032014-12-3030.12.2014
EASA SIB No.: 2015-02R2 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2018-022015-10-1616.10.2015
EASA SIB No.: 2015-05R3 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-072015-10-1313.10.2015
EASA SIB No.: 2015-16R22016-02-1717.02.2016
EASA SIB No.: 2015-22 - WITHDRAWN2015-10-0909.10.2015
EASA SIB No.: 2015-23R1 - replaced by CZIB No.: 2017-052016-02-1515.02.2016
ACG-Safety Recommendation 2015-012015-11-0505.11.2015
EASA CZIB No.: 2016-01R42018-09-0303.09.2018
Cancellation of BTA No. A-0042016-10-0707.10.2016
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-01R42018-10-2525.10.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-02R22018-10-2525.10.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-03R32018-10-1818.10.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-04R32018-10-1515.10.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-05R32018-10-2525.10.2018
Cancellation of BTA No. A-0022017-04-1313.04.2017
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-06R22018-04-2525.04.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-07R32018-11-2323.11.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-08R22018-10-2525.10.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2017-09R22018-11-2727.11.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2018-03R12018-10-2626.10.2018
EASA CZIB No.: 2018-02R22019-01-1111.01.2019
EASA CZIB No.: 2018-01R22019-01-1111.01.2019
EASA SIB No.: 2021-162021-12-1717.12.2021