Entry permit for the Austrian airspace for aircraft with a restricted or non-ICAO compliant certificate of airworthiness

For foreign registered aircraft, which do not hold a valid ICAO-compliant certificate of airworthiness or no ICAO-compliant certificate of airworthiness at all, a permit acc. Austrian Aviation Act (Luftfahrtgesetz – LFG) § 18, BGBl. Nr. 253/1957 as amended, is generally required.


For entering and leaving the airspace as well as for overflights, the rules defined in AIP GEN 1.2 and GEN 1.5 fully apply.
The following categories of aircraft are excluded from the permit requirements:
  • Aircraft with a restricted certificate of airworthiness, issued acc. Regulation (EU) No 748/2012, Part 21, Subpart H
  • Aircraft operated with a permit to fly, issued acc. Regulation (EU) No 748/2012, Part 21, Subpart P
  • Ultra-light aircraft, which are covered by the Ordinance on the Recognition of Foreign Licenses for Aviation Personnel and Certificates for the Allowed Usage in Flight (Gästeflugverordnung), BGBL. II Nr. 49/217 as amended,
  • Ultra-light airplanes and ultra-light helicopters, which are covered by the provisions in Article 2(8) of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 (i.e. an equivalent “Opt-Out” by the other member state has been notified) AND when the requirements of the Ordinance on the Recognition of Foreign Licenses for Aviation Personnel and Certificates for the Allowed Usage in Flight (Gästeflugverordnung) are met
  • amateur-built aircraft which are registered in ECAC member states AND when conformity to the provisions acc. AIP GEN 1.5 (Section 3) is established
The operator shall submit an application for a permit for entry into Austria to Austro Control. The necessary form is accessible below.
The application should be submitted at least five working days prior to the planned flight and needs to be signed by the operator or by an authorised representative.
The following details or evidence must be attached to the application in German or English:
  1. Purpose of entry or overflight
  2. Requested period of time for the permit
  3. Certificate of registry issued by the state of registry
  4. Restricted or special certificate of airworthiness, permit to fly or equivalent documents, including all conditions and limitations
  5. Proof of the timely completion of required maintenance or the annual review (valid review certificate, review report)
  6. Noise certificate, proof of permissible noise level or application for a noise exemption acc. Civil Aircraft Noise Criteria Ordinance 2005 (ZLZV 2005)
  7. If necessary, application for an exemption to the registration marking requirements if non ICAO compliant markings are applied. acc. Civil Aircraft and Appliances Ordinance 2010 (ZLLV 2010)
  8. Proof of insurance acc. Austrian Aviation Act (Luftfahrtgesetz – LFG) § 164 et seq. or acc. Regulation (EG) No 785/2004
  9. Proof of ELT/PLB
  10. Radio station licence
Considering the applied extent and the type of permit to fly, further documents/evidence may be requested.
Granting of a permit is subject to a charge.




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