Specific Approvals (SPA)

Part-SPA of Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 is in force since 28 October 2014.
SPA - Specific Approvals

In addition to general requirements, Part-SPA of Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 regulates specific approvals and contains rules with respect to performance-based navigation operations (PBN), required minimum navigation performance specifications (MNPS), reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM), low visibility operations (LVO), extended range operations with two-engined aeroplanes (ETOPS), transport of dangerous goods (DG), helicopter operations with night vision imaging systems (NVIS), helicopter hoist operations (HHO), helicopter emergency medical service operations (HEMS), helicopter offshore operations (HOFO), single-engined turbine aeroplane operations at night or in instrument meteorological conditions (SET-IMC) or electronic flight bags (EFB).
Part-SPA applies to all aircraft, whether they are operated commercially or not. However, some specific approvals are not necessary for non-commercial operations (e.g. EFB) or cannot be obtained (e.g. NVIS).
Please submit relevant requests to

Applications for the issue or change of a specific approval shall be submitted in writing to Austro Control GmbH by the operator using the legally standardised documents (compare SPA.GEN.105 and 115).
CAT Operators, please refer to OIL 13/2014 incl. Appendix 3!