New homebriefing system is online

The new Austro Control homebriefing service is online, with a brand new design and countless new functions.

Please find below all the relevant information regarding the switch to the new system as well as the new functionalities.

General Information:

  • In future, customers will benefit from an optimised user interface, a wider range of graphic controls and a host of new functions, including a version for mobile devices. The service, which will now be free of charge, can be used for domestic flights in Austria, and for subsequent flight plans for international flights taking off from the country.
  • Credits for flight plan packages purchased for flights outside Austria will retain their validity and can be used in the new system. However, these credits can no longer be extended.
  • The system will operate on the basis of the European AIM database (EAD), making it significantly more cost effective.
  • Our self/homebriefingsystem has been successfully tested with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (Windows), Mozilla Firefox 55 (Windows), Google Chrome 61 (Windows), Apple Safari 11 (Apple). The use of different browsers can result in reduced functionalities.

Migration of current data:

  • In order to simplify the changeover, all of your user data, flight plans, saved lists and templates will be automatically transferred to the new system. Briefings will not be migrated from the old system. These can be saved locally as .pdf files before the update. Any briefings required as proof at a later date can be obtained from the helpdesk after the update. 

New functionalities:

  • Working in collaboration with Austrian pilots, Austro Control has reworked the system with the specific aim of enhancing user friendliness. Operation, navigation and layout were redesigned in a number of trial runs with our technology partners, in order to make flight preparations quicker and more straightforward.
  • Following numerous requests from users, a mobile version of homebriefing is now also available. Quick and easy use of the most important basic functions is a priority, and this service will be continuously optimised. However, full functionality is only available in the desktop version.
  • The new flight plan wizard, which is aimed at trainee and amateur pilots, guides users through each stage of the flight plan submission process.
  • Airports and FIRs can now be selected using Google Maps in the course of submitting flight plans.
  • Flight paths can now also be displayed in Google Maps.
  • The function for creating flight plan templates has been enhanced.
  • A list of aircraft types is provided, and the relevant type can be selected directly from the list. This means it is no longer necessary to be familiar with all aircraft abbreviations.
  • A new form of briefing has been developed specifically for VFR pilots. The geographical area in which the flight will take place can be marked in Google Maps, and the system then only displays the NOTAMs for this particular region. As a result, users have far fewer NOTAMs to read. The briefing is displayed graphically and in .pdf format, meaning it is significantly shorter and clearer.

Additional information on weather conditions in Austria and neighbouring countries can be accessed via a link in the homebriefing system. The link from homebriefing means that a separate login for the Austro Control aviation weather site is no longer needed.  However, homebriefing access does not enable you to access the aviation weather site outside the homebriefing system. In this case, a separate account is needed.

The aviation weather site provides users with a comprehensive range of weather forecasts and warnings which is familiar from the previous homebriefing version (satellite images for the different ICAO regions, global significant weather charts, etc.), as well as a number of new functions:

  • Weather radar data: improved and more precise resolution, with zoom and animation options.
  • New satellite images for Europe and Central Europe produced using RGB image processing technology for improved differentiation between high, low and compact cloud, and between low cloud cover (fog, low stratus and stratocumulus) and snow cover in winter.
  • ALDIS lightning data in near real time. 
  • Weather conditions: a product developed by the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) that combines up-to-date satellite images (max. six hours old) with analysis of ground pressure and weather fronts.
  • Meteorogram: For the grid points of Austria’s six international airports: a product for users with an interest in meteorology, which produces models for 72-hour periods.
  • Ground pressure/precipitation maps: model data on changes in the ground pressure field and any areas of precipitation over a 72-hour period.
  • Information pages: all products include brief descriptions of their basic functions. Detailed descriptions of complex weather products are available by clicking on a link.
All aviation weather information relevant for flights under VFR or IFR can be found in the Motorised flight section of the site.



If you have any questions about the switch or about the new functionalities of the system, please feel free to contact us.