Information Request from the European Central Repository (ECR)

The main objective of the exchange of information on civil aviation occurrences is the prevention of aviation accidents and to continously raise aviation safety. The usage of the exchanged information for blame or liability reasons or to establish benchmarks for safety performance is strictly prohibited.
Defined "interested parties" may receive on request certain information contained in the European Central Repository, subject to the rules concerning the confidentiality of such information and the anonymity of the persons involved.

Austro Control GmbH is assigned  as national points of contact for information request. In the case of filing an information request you may consider the following information.

  • Occurrences related to the operation of the aircraft.
  • Occurrences related to technical conditions, maintenance and repair of aircraft.
  • Occurrences related to air navigation services and facilities.
  • Occurrences related to aerodromes and ground services.
  • Voluntary reports, which may involve an actual or potential aviation safety risk

Occurrence“: means any safety-related event which endangers or which, if not corrected or addressed, could endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person and includes in particular an accident or serious incident according Regulation (EU) No 996/2010.
The right to request information from the ECR is limited to. „interested parties“. Those are organisations or persons (limited to information relating to the persons own equipment, operations or field of activity), which are listed in Annex II of REGULATION (EU) No 376/2014.  

  1. Designers and manufacturers:
    • Designers and manufacturers of aircraft, engines, propellers and aircraft parts and appliances, and their respective associations;
    • Designers and manufacturers of air traffic management (ATM) systems and constituents;
    • Designers and manufacturers of systems and constituents for air navigation services (ANS);
    • designers and manufacturers of systems and equipment used on the air side of aerodromes.
  2. Maintenance:
    • Organisations involved in the maintenance or overhaul of aircraft, engines, propellers and aircraft parts and appliances;
    • Organisations involved  in the installation, modification, maintenance, repair, overhaul, flight checking or inspection of air navigation facilities;
    • Organisations involved in the maintenance or overhaul of aerodrome air side systems, constituents and equipment.
  3. Operators:
    • Airlines and operators of aircraft;
    • Associations of airlines and operators of aircraft;
    • Aerodrome operators;
    • Associations of aerodrome operators.
  4. Air navigation services providers and providers of ATM-specific functions
  5. Aerodrome service providers:
    • Organisations in charge of ground handling of aircraft, including fuelling, loadsheet preparation, loading, de-icing and towing at an aerodrome;
    • Organisations in charge of rescue and firefighting, or other emergency services.
  6. Aviation training organisations
  7. Third-country organisations:
    • Governmental aviation authorities
    • Accident investigation authorities
  8. International aviation organisations
  9. Research:
    • Public or private research laboratories, centres or entities;
    • Universities engaged in aviation safety research or studies.

Persons (on a personal basis):
  1. Pilots
  2. Air traffic controllers and other ATM/ANS staff carrying out safety-related tasks;
  3. Engineers/technicians/air traffic safety electronics staff/aviation (or aerodrome) managers;
  4. Professional representative bodies of staff carrying out safety-related tasks.

Interested parties established within the Union shall address requests for information to the point of contact of the Member State in which they are established List of Points of Contact. Interested parties established outside the Union shall address their request to the Commission.
Requests for information contained in the European Central Repository shall be submitted using forms approved by the point of contact (Form see below). 

To avoid misuse and to ensure intend of the ECR, Austro Control will verify, if:
  1. the request is made by an interested party;
  2. Austro Control is competent to deal with that request;
  3. The request is justified and practicable.

The Information will be supplied on paper or by using secure electronic means of communication (if available).

Austro Control will determine the amount and the level of information to be supplied. The information will be limited to what is strictly required for the purpose of the request.
Information unrelated to the interested party's own equipment, operations or field of activity will be supplied only in aggregated or anonymised form.

Austro Control will supply persons only with information relating to their own equipment, operations or field of activity.

The interested party shall use the information received pursuant to this Article subject to the following conditions:
  1. the interested party shall use the information only for the purpose specified in the request form, which should be compatible with the objective of Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 as stated in Article 1; and
  2. The interested party shall not disclose the information received without the written consent of the information provider and shall take the necessary measures to ensure appropriate confidentiality of the information received.


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