“Wien Information” does not provide air traffic control services (ATC)FIC/TFI is only responsible for the provision of flight information service and alerting service. Being in contact with “Wien Information” does never release the pilot in command of any of his/her responsibilities. Each pilot is solely responsible for the safe conduct of his/her flight.
  • FIC/TFI assigns transponder codes („squawks“) for a better overview on the radar screen, for better coordination with ATC units and for accurate traffic information, but never for air traffic control!
  • Also, navigational problems can be handled easier with an assigned „squawk“.
  • The assignment of certain transponder codes rests with the responsible FIC/TFI-operator, who decides on a case-by-case basis if a squawk needs to be assigned. Not every flight receives a squawk, e.g. when there is no/bad radar coverage or when an aircraft is remaining only for short period on the frequency of “Wien Information”.
  • The request „flight following“ shall not be stated as the phrase/service is not defined in Austrian law (AIP), and therefore cannot be offered.

The VFR pilot has to always be aware, that the responsibility for the safe conduct of the flight still rests with him/her (even after receiving a squawk from “Wien Information”). FIC/TFI has no means and no hints concerning obstacles on a pilot’s route and can not determine whether the aircraft is in VMC or not. Furthermore the pilot in command is still solely responsible to obtain a clearance for airspaces requiring a clearance (in Austria applicable for airspace classes D and C).


Flight Information Center (FIC):

  • 124,4 MHz
  • 134,625 MHz

Terminal Flight Information (TFI):

  • 118,525 MHz

Intl. Emergency frequency:

  • 121,5 MHz