Title / SubjectNo.Versionvalid from
CPL(A) - Issuance after integrated ATP(A) course2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
Issue of CPL(A) modular / ATPL(A) theory credit2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
CR/TR SP(A), except high-performance complex aeroplanes - Revalidation/Renewal2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
IR(A) - Issuance/Extension2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
Night Rating (A) - Issuance2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
PPL(A) - Issuance2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
Revalidation SEP(land)/TMG (Training flight)2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
Conversion to a Part-FCL PPL(A)2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
Type Rating MP(A) or SP(A) complex HPA - Revalidation/Renewal2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
ATPL(A) - Issuance2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
Type Rating MP(A) - Issuance2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
MPL(A) - Issuance2.02022-04-1515.04.2022
CR/TR SP(A), except high-performance complex aeroplanes - Issuance2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
Combined LPC/OPC Check form for commercial operators1.02022-04-2020.04.2022
IR(A) / holders of a third country IR - Issuance2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
Issue of an En-Route IR (holders of a third Country IR)2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
IR(A) / competency based - Issuance2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
LAPL(A) - Issuance of a Light Aircraft Pilot Licence2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
LAPL(A) - Extension2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
LAPL(A) for holder of a SPL or LAPL(S), each with TMG extension2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
LAPL - Issue/Downgrade2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
CPL(A)/IR - Issuance after integrated CPL(A)/IR course2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
CPL(A) - Issuance after integrated CPL(A) course2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
Exemption request - aircraft training outside an ATO according to Article 71 of Regulation (EU) 2018/11392.02022-04-1919.04.2022
TR SP(A) complex HPA - Issuance2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
En-Route IR - Issuance/Extension2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
En-Route IR - Revalidation (training flight)2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
En-Route IR - Revalidation/Renewal2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
ATPL(A) - Conversion2.02022-04-1919.04.2022
Registration for theoretical knowledge examination - aeroplanes4.02022-03-0202.03.2022