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According to the ADQ regulation (EC regulation No.73/2010) article 7 paragraph 2, Austro Control provides an ADQ non-compliance list for the AIP Austria by written request to the e-mail address .

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For offline usage you can download the complete AIP Austria either including or excluding Aeronautical Charts from the database below:

Title / SubjectValid fromValid until incl.Size (in MB)RemarkLatest AMDT
ZIP-AIP 10 SEP 20212021-09-1010.09.20212021-10-0606.10.2021350incl. Charts292
ZIP-AIP 10 SEP 2021 (no charts)2021-09-1010.09.20212021-10-0606.10.202120excl. Charts292
ZIP-AIP 7 OCT 20212021-10-0707.10.20212021-10-0707.10.2021355incl. ChartsAIRAC 250
ZIP-AIP 7 OCT 2021 (no charts)2021-10-0707.10.20212021-10-0707.10.202120excl. ChartsAIRAC 250
ZIP-AIP 8 OCT 20212021-10-0808.10.20212021-11-0303.11.2021355incl. Charts293
ZIP-AIP 8 OCT 2021 (no charts)2021-10-0808.10.20212021-11-0303.11.202120excl. Charts293
ZIP-AIP 4 NOV 20212021-11-0404.11.20212021-11-0404.11.2021358incl. ChartsAIRAC 251
ZIP-AIP 4 NOV 2021 (no charts)2021-11-0404.11.20212021-11-0404.11.202120excl. ChartsAIRAC 251