Combined Airworthiness Organisation (CAO)

Austro Control GmbH is responsible for the approval and supervision of combined airworthiness organizations according to Annex Vd to Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014. With EU regulations 2019/1383, 2019/1384 and 2020/270, the requirements for CAOs were introduced in a Annex Vd, Part CAO. The CAO represents a new type of organisation dedicated to the continuing airworthiness management and the maintenance of non-complex aircraft.

Since September 24th, 2020 no more approvals according to Part M Subpart F can be issued. All applications for maintenance organisation for non-complex aircraft will be processed according to PART CAO now.
Transition to a Part CAO Approval will be possible form an existing Part M Subpart F, Part M Subpart G or a Part 145 Approval.
In order to make the transfer to the new Part CAO as easy as possible, we provide all the necessary information and forms here. Austro Control follows the EASA “Guide for Transition” during the transition. You can find additional information in the Part CAO Transition Presentation. The application for a transfer of an existing Approval should be submitted directly to Austro Control GmbH using the corresponding Form 2.


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CAO informations

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CAO forms

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EASA Form 2 - Part-CAO application2.02022-04-1515.04.2022

CAO checklist

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