Obstacle Data Sets (ICAO) - Austria

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On this website, digital obstacle data related to the Austrian territory will be provided in accordance with ICAO Annex 15, Chapter 5.3.3.


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The obstacle data set (ICAO) for Area 1 is available for download as a zip-file on this website and via the ACG SDI online platform:


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The data generator of the obstacle is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data.

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Obstacle Data Sets (ICAO) - Austria (ZIP-File)

Title / SubjectEffective fromVersion
Obstacle Data Set (ICAO) - Austria
The obstacle data set (ICAO) for Area 1 will be available in three different digital data formats:

1) In AIXM 5.1.1 format, that is an internationally standardized aeronautical data exchange format. This format is best suited for an automated software-supported transfer of the obstacle data.

2) In Excel format, which is structured based on the table contained in AIP chapter ENR 5.4 and is therefore best suited for human interpretation. The Excel format also enables digital transfer and analysis of the obstacle data, but the structure can be adapted if needed or as a result of future requirements. Compared to the table in AIP Chapter ENR 5.4, the Excel format includes the following additional columns: geometry, coordinates in decimal degrees, vertical reference system and identifier. In addition to the complete overview of obstacle data, all new, changed and deleted obstacle data are listed in separate tabs.

3) In OGC KML format, that is primarily used to visualize the obstacle data with appropriate software tools (especially with Google Earth). If required, the attribute structure can also be adjusted in the OGC KML format.
Both the AIXM 5.1.1 and the Excel format are suitable for compulsory pre-flight planning and -briefing purposes, but the user is required to ensure the utilizability and suitability of the software used for the interpretation of the obstacle data set.

It is ensured that both the obstacle data set and the AIP chapter ENR 5.4 are synchronized regarding effective date, content and completeness.

The data product specification included in the obstacle data set contains detailed descriptions of content, formats, possible applications and update intervals.