Procedure for Special Permissions by Austro Control

  1. Examination by the applicant of the extent to which a permission is required by law.
    If the applicant has any questions regarding the potential disturbing effect of the installation, please contact the responsible technical department of Austro Control, E-Mail:
  2. Application with form and provision of the documents specified in the form.
  3. Examination of the documents and official permission with corresponding safety requirements or, in the case of too high a safety risk, rejection.
    Additional evidence or information may be requested during the procedure.
  4. In the event that there is no safety risk to aviation, but official confirmation is required within the framework of parallel procedures (building permits), there is the possibility of a simplified examination (safety risk) and official confirmation upon request.

Duration of procedure

If all documents are submitted, the usual duration of the procedure is approx. 4 to 5 weeks.

Procedural costs

The procedural costs of Austro Control are regulated by law and consist of the fees pursuant to the Fees Act 1957 (Federal Law Gazette No. 267/1957 as amended) and the Austro Control Fees Ordinance ACGV, Federal Law Gazette No. 2/1994 as amended, plus any value added tax.


The exemption does not replace any other permissions that may be required, in particular the building permit in accordance with the Building Regulations.
Whether your property is located within or below a civil security zone can be seen from the extract from the land register. If your property is located in/below a civil security zone, all construction and erection projects must be subjected to an aviation law inspection.