Project realization

  • Your company is breaking into new markets?
  • Your employees are aware of the risk of successful implementation of new rules?
  • There is no risk of losing your way in the jungle of rules?

Therefore we congratulate you. If you still prefer a little insurance, ACG international can be your partner. We can offer you the expertise of our specialists to support your team, especially in the area of product certification.

Remark: Excluded are the projects, where Austro Control GmbH is involved as oversight authority.


We can offer the following:

  • Support in the area of aeronautical and operational matters
  • Project partners in research projects
  • Certification support for modifications to aircraft (minor change, STC, etc.)
  • Preparation for audits held by external institutions (EASA, ICAO, etc.)
  • Analysis of your company to identify your strengths and weaknesses in view of “regulatory compliance”
  • “Pre-buy-inspection” of aircraft


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