Fri 11.12.2020

Postponement of the introduction of ECQB 2020

Austro Control GmbH will postpone the changeover in the area of pilot examinations (CPL; IR; ATPL) to ECQB2020 to 01.04.2021.

Based on the current pandemic developments and the associated partial closures of examination centres, we would like to give candidates who were still trained under the ECQB6 syllabus the opportunity to start their examinations under the same syllabus.

As a result, all students who start their pilot examinations on or after 01.04.2021 will have to take them using the questions from ECQB 2020. Students who have already started their examinations before this date can still complete their set of exams until 31.01.2022 (as the last possible examination day) using the current ECQB.

As of 01.02.2022, only examinations based on the ECQB 2020 are generally possible for examinations already started and new examination entries. Candidates who have started under the current ECQB and have not completed their examinations by 31.01.2022 must continue their examinations under ECQB 2020 from 01.02.2022. In general, candidates who have already started under the current ECQB will also be able to continue their examinations from 01.04.2021 based on the syllabus and question database of ECQB 2020, a change is possible at any time. Please note, however, that after a change to ECQB 2020 and its syllabus, a change to the old system / under the old syllabus is no longer possible.

Further information on the ECQB and the changeover to the new syllabuses can be found at: